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Community Guitar is founded on the notion that the best music is the music we make together. To that end, I offer high quality group instruction and instructional materials to adult acoustic guitarists who really want to be jamming with others rather than playing alone. That's the idea of Community Guitar in a nutshell: to bring the right songs, the right skills and the right people together. That's a recipe that makes for great music in good company.

Our next round of classes will begin in September of 2023 and run through early Decemeber. If you are already on my mailing list, I'll be in touch about details. And if you are interested in joining us for the first time, please get in touch with me directly. See my contact info below.

Photo: Thomas Lampe

I look forward to working and playing together!

Andrew Lawrence
Community Guitar
Northampton, MA
andolawrence AT gmail DOT com